Welcome to Vapotherm

Vapotherm, Inc. is a privately held company based in Exeter, New Hampshire, dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of respiratory devices that improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall delivery costs and improve quality of life for patients.

The company's breakthrough technology centers on the benefits of High Flow delivery of breathing gases through a patented process for heating and humidification.

Take the Work out of Breathing

Vapotherm Inc. takes the work out of breathing with support solutions for patients in respiratory distress. Vapotherm invented High Flow Therapy, and holds patents on technology and methods to deliver humidified respiratory gases at high flow rates. Vapotherm High Flow Therapy has been used on over half a million patients to provide a safe, comfortable and effective alternative to more invasive methods of ventilation support.

Vapotherm is based in Exeter, New Hampshire and is a privately held company.


In 1998 Bill Niland and Jun Cortez developed the first High Flow Therapy device and launched Vapotherm Inc. in Annapolis Maryland. The first commercial version, the 2000i, introduced the concept of conditioning respiratory gas with molecular vapor, and insulation of the therapy delivery tube with circulating warm water. These innovations assure the delivery of highly conditioned respiratory gas, even at high flow rates, without the generation of condensation (rain-out) that is problematic in many humidified respiratory therapies.

In 2004, the first baby was treated using Vapotherm High Flow Therapy at St. Barnabas Hospital in New Jersey. In 2008, Vapotherm introduced the next generation device, Precision Flow, at the US Baptist Hospital in Tennessee.