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Omaha Team

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals is comprised of two Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals and two Long Term Acute Care Hospitals with a total of 224 hospital beds over two campuses. The Benedictine Sisters in Yankton, South Dakota, established Madonna, a Catholic Hospital, in 1958. Since its beginning, Madonna has been committed to rehabilitation, hospitality and innovation—a legacy held for nearly 60 years.

Madonna provides a full continuum of rehabilitative care specializing in spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, pulmonary, neurological and other serious conditions. The dedicated pulmonary program enables Madonna to care for both adults and children with these conditions.
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Lincoln Team

Madonna's Pulmonary Program serves children and adults with acute or chronic pulmonary conditions that often times lead to dependence on tracheostomy tubes and/or mechanical ventilation. Their goal is to achieve the highest level of independence and quality of life possible. Pulmonary patients have unique needs that the interdisciplinary team focus on. The interdisciplinary team is specially trained in all aspects of pulmonary care. This includes chronic lung disease education and management, secretion mobilization, communication devices, breathing techniques, ventilator and tracheostomy tube management and weaning. Madonna has more than 80 skilled respiratory therapists trained in the specialized care of adults and children with pulmonary conditions. The respiratory team uses a transdisciplinary and individualized approach to ventilator and tracheostomy tube weaning and/or management.

Although the national standard for humidification for tracheostomy patients is cool mist, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals has always incorporated warm mist humidification in the care of tracheostomy patients. Innovation is one of Madonna's core values and represents their emphasis in using the latest technology in patient care.

In their own words:

"When the Vapotherm heated humidification system/technology presented itself to us, there was no question that this is something we needed to implement to be able to provide the highest standard of care for these patients. We transitioned successfully to the Vapotherm Precision Flow technology in January of 2016 as the standard of care for our tracheostomy tube patients in our Specialty hospitals."


(Lincoln, NE campus)
FY16 – 167 patients cared for with tracheostomy tubes and/or ventilator requirements

Ventilator Weaning Time Decannulation Rate VAP Rate
14% improvement in vent weaning (2015 – 2016) 17% improvement in decannulations (2015-2016) 2.9 occurrences per 1000 vent days

Note: Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals uses Vapotherm as standard of care for humidification for their tracheostomy patients at both their Lincoln and Omaha campuses. The Omaha, NE campus opened in October 2016, so outcome data is not available yet.

Innovation in Patient Care

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Trach Tube WeaningVentilator Wean Protocol

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals is also a Passy Muir Center of Excellence, and holds 21 CARF international accreditations. Madonna received the NALTH Goldberg Innovation Award for R.I.M.M (Respiratory Independence Measure of Madonna). R.I.M.M. is a unique functional independence measurement tool whose primary focus is respiratory function.

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