How Vapotherm Assures Humidified Gas At High Flow Rates

Water Jacket Delivery Tube

The Vapotherm delivery tube uses the safe, insulating heat of warm water to maintain gas temperature and humidity all the way to the patient.

Medical-Grade Vapor™

The Vapotherm vapor transfer cartridge infuses the respiratory gas with molecular water vapor. The unique method of humidifying gas helps keep water in a vapor state to better protects respiratory tissues, and improves patient comfort.

Single Patient Use Circuit

The disposable patient circuit is comprised of the disposable water path, vapor transfer cartridge, and delivery tube. The entire disposable patient circuit is available in either High Flow or Low Flow versions.

High Flow (5-40lpm)
Low Flow (1-8 lpm)

Alarms & Alerts

Only Vapotherm Precision Flow incorporates a highly visible display of the selected parameters, and built-in alerts that let you know of any disruption to therapy. This provides the opportunity to intervene fast, before there is any clinical impact to the patient. The Precision Flow does not need any hidden pop-off valves – the therapy set on the screen is the therapy delivered to the patient.

High Flow Therapy Interface

The narrow prong Vapotherm nasal cannula design maximizes flush of expired gas and assures an open system. Vapotherm offers cannulas in a range of sizes to effectively fit any patient.

Contraindications for Use:
The Vapotherm Precision Flow is contraindicated in any situations in which humidification is contra-indicated (see American Association of Respiratory Care Clinical Practice Guidelines).
Specific to Nasal Cannula: Patients with occluded or defective nares should not use the system.

Precision Flow

The Vapotherm Precision Flow provides Hi-VNI therapy for patients in respiratory distress. The Precision Flow can be used on patients of all ages, from neonates to geriatric. Ideally conditioned gas lowers respiration rate, improves secretion clearance and reduces the work of breathing. This allows patients to comfortably eat, speak, and sleep, while receiving a high level of respiratory support.

Precision Flow advantage:

  • Helps avoid intubation and reduce length of stay
  • Fully integrated system that is easy to set up and operate
  • Includes safety alarms to warn of therapy disruptions
  • 30 Day single-use circuit
  • Multiple cannula sizes