High Flow Therapy anywhere and everywhere

The Vapotherm Q50 is a cost effective, quiet and compact compressor solution to enable Vapotherm Precision Flow usage in all areas of the hospital.

  • Affordable
  • Supports flow rates from 1-35 l/min*
  • Minimal “white noise" sound
  • Simple operation
  • Easy side mount to the Vapotherm roll stand
  • Custom made to work with the Precision Flow

*Flow ratings based on standard sea level operating environment. Operating environments above sea level will result in max air flow rates less than 35 l/min. Please refer to Vapotherm Q50 max flow rates table below.

Max Q50 Air Flow Rate by Elevation

The max air flow rates that the Q50 can support with proper de-humidification for a given altitude follows

0 feet35 l/min
1000 feet34 l/min
2000 feet32 l/min
3000 feet31 l/min
4000 feet30 l/min
5000 feet29 l/min
6000 feet28 l/min
7000 feet26 l/min
8000 feet25 l/min

When connected to the Q50, the Precision Flow can deliver total flow rates above the Q50 max air flow rates stated above for a given elevation when oxygen flows are added. (See table in Vapotherm Q50 Quick Reference Guide)

Preventative Maintenance

The Q50 has two prescribed preventative maintenance intervals to keep the compressor operating optimally, one every 4,000 hours and another every 8,000 hours. Qualified hospital personnel can perform the preventative maintenance at their facility or Vapotherm can conduct it at our Exeter, NH plant.

4000 hour

3100618Air Intake Filter
3100608Air Intake Muffler
3100769Auto Draining Air Filter, Filter Replacement

8000 hour

3100726Motor PM Kit

Complete Preventative Maintenance information is available in the Q50 Technical Service Manual.

On-Site & On the Phone Support

Vapotherm's team of Area Sales Managers and Area Clinical Specialists are here to support you. If you have questions on set up or use, contact your Sales Manager and/or Clinical Specialist.

Our Technical Support Team is available Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm EST.

(855) 557-8276