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700,000 patients and counting have been treated using the Vapotherm Precision Flow.

Each year Vapotherm plays a role in the healthcare of hundreds of thousands of Patients. The Vapotherm Team takes pride in the impact we have on our Patients lives and the clinicians who serve them.

Our annual Patient of the Year party is the ultimate celebration, and a chance for us to connect with Patients and their families to hear these important and powerful stories of courage and caring. We invite you to share your story for a chance to be recognized at our Patient of the Year celebration.

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" Alex Varava lives with his wife Madeline in New Jersey. It was she who first noticed when his endurance started waning during dancing in 2013. However, it was when Alex could no longer walk the course for his golf game that he knew he had to get help. The longer the game, the worse he felt, and he was losing constantly. More

He called Deborah Heart and Lung Center for an appointment, and after many tests was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension. His doctor suggested physical therapy, but it was next to impossible with his decreased endurance. Even with a 100% rebreather mask, he couldn't maintain saturation. Finally the staff of Deborah decided to try using a Precision Flow on a VTU, set to 40 lpm and 100% oxygen. This was the support he needed! Over time, his stamina has improved and so have his numbers, and he gets stronger every day.

Alex and Madeline have two sons, Adam and Matthew. They're all big sports fans (Go Eagles!) and Alex was a coach for little league baseball and basketball for years. Before his diagnosis, Alex was an avid golfer who loved skiing, fishing and playing with his grandkids. He's much too active to let his illness stop him!

Submitted by The Varava Family, February 2016

" Charlie Mcelroy was born on November 4, 2013 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Charlie was born with Down Syndrome and a heart condition, so despite a normal delivery he was brought to the NICU. There they discovered that he had only one lung. Charlie was put on oxygen right away. More

When he was only a month old, he was transferred to the University of Virginia to undergo heart surgery. Afterwards, he was placed on a ventilator. He seemed unable to recover enough to go on high flow therapy, so the hospital investigated and found he had a full tracheal sleeve, requiring another transfer to Cincinnati Children's. There he received a slide tracheostomy to repair his airway and spent the next three months going back and forth between intubation and Vapotherm. Finally he graduated to just high flow, and was eventually able to come off all oxygen.

Today, Charlie is an active toddler who loves Curious George, Badanamu, Julius Jr. playing with his sister Ansleigh. His health still isn't the best—with his weakened immune system he spends lots of time in the hospital. But he doesn't let that slow him down!

Submitted by The Mcelroy Family, January 2016

" Carsen was born, at term, on March 20, 2015, at 10:56am. He weighed seven pounds, and was 20 inches long, and as best as can be described, took the right big breath and the exact wrong time. An x-ray revealed too much fluid on his lower right lung. ... MoreOn that Friday, we began expanding our vocabulary with words we had never before heard or used. Among them, the one which concerned us the most: Tachypnea, rapid breathing.

It's then that the neonatologist ordered humidified oxygen, delivered via the means of Vapotherm. Carsen's need was real, but not severe. For 36 hours, he was placed on Vapotherm at a dose of 4.0 liters per minute with a saturation of 25%. We were told repeatedly, “He's not that sick, he just needs help." But when reality of any level of needs opposes your expectation, for a parent, that becomes more than enough.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Carsen relied on the Vapotherm for his treatment. He required no other intervention beyond the kangaroo care of his mother. Sunday night, into Monday morning, he was gradually weaned from the Vapotherm. His tachypnea began to be more and more intermittent. Monday morning, he made the giant leap from 2.5 liters per minute and 21% room air, to no support. We are confident, through the prayers of many loving hearts Carsen was made better. We are also confident, that our faith in God provides for us the things we need when we need them. Carsen needed to be in the excellent care of nurses. Carsen needed precise but non-invasive treatment, and it was given through the use of Vapotherm.

Four days after Carsen was born, we came home. My wife and I were reminded to not take for granted the blessings of healthy and trouble free deliveries and transitions. We also learned the value found in the works of others whose mission and goal is to provide care and support to those in need. Above all, we learned our faith in God, provides and part of that provision included many things to help bring us home, including Vapotherm.

Submitted by The McAlister Family, March 2015

" January 2014 found me with H1N1, in great respiratory distress as hospitalized eleven days mostly in ICU, and very close to final moments of life. MoreDuring my hospital stay, standard oxygen demand was 100% but was still inadequate. While other options were tried, in addition to scheduled breathing treatments, Vapotherm was my only tolerated and largest effective breathing tool. With great assist from my wife, family, prayers of friends, medical staff care, and finally His healing, I survived. Once home I spent the following 45 days recovering at home, rebuilding my breathing and stamina processes. Six months was needed to return to all normal activities. I now firmly realize Vapotherm's contribution to my return to health and offer a sincere Thank You to the developers and to all who support this system that provides critical support for those who need it most. Less

Submitted January 11, 2015 by Gary Hall

" To the Inventor(s) of Vapotherm and All Who work to make it available to patients,

A year ago today I met you. Not directly, of course, but ... More through your Vapotherm machine. You don't know me, but I have thought of you, often.

She had just been through a rough emergent ambulance ride, from a small room at our nearby hospital to a small room at this specialized hospital. As nurses worked around the room to get us settled, the doctors explained that they had a fairly new piece of equipment that they wanted to try. They hoped it would give her body some much-needed rest from her consistent breathing rate of 90, which she had been sustaining for nearly 3 days. Her body desperately needed that rest to build reserves to fight the pneumonia and RSV that had settled into her lungs.

Soon after, a nurse wheeled an unassuming machine into the small ICU room; it was not much larger than an I.V. stand. The respiratory therapist changed out a cannula and switched the tubing from wall oxygen to Vapotherm. That was it. It seemed too simple.

Over the next week, flow and o2 saturations were adjusted up and up and up. However, the much-discussed ventilator was never needed. Many antibiotics, steroids and breathing treatments were given. Many doctors and nurses offered excellent care, and hundreds of prayers were said. Then, thanks to God's great mercy and grace, eventually the flow and rate were adjusted down and down and down. Exactly a week after being admitted, she went home, in her Daddy's arms, with a huge smile on her face!

Now, I doubt that this type of story is new or even unique to you, as I am sure Vapotherm has helped countless patients. But, for me and our family, this story is especially precious because the "she" is my daughter. And this time last year, she was a very sick 8 month old baby. Each day and night, as I sat in that hospital room with her, I thanked God for my small but mighty, sweet girl and for every breath that she took. I also thanked Him for you, and for that machine. I promised myself that I would write and let you know that your work made a difference in our lives. It took me a year to do it, but--thank you!

One very blessed and grateful Mama,

Submitted January 9, 2015 by Kaycie King, Indianapolis, IN

" We're here visiting Emmy Lou and the first thing we notice when we walk in is it's quiet. No more bubble C pap she wouldn't cooperate and keep the mask on her face, so she got to take a small step down to the high flow Vapotherm nasal cannula ... Morejust to see how she would do with it, and so far she's doing good. As long as she does good on it she can start wearing cute little baby hats now instead of the white one. Less

Submitted by The Wright Family, January 8, 2014

" Thank you so much for bringing the Vapotherm Transfer Unit, and allowing respiratory and physical therapy time with the unit. You may very well remember my Dad. He required 50 percent and 100 percent forced O2 because of ... Morethe last stage and severe progression of his Pulmonary Fibrosis. It was taking 65-75 liter flow per minute to get him to the bathroom and at that time the staff was avoiding walking. His resting heart rate was also drastically increasing upon any movement.

The RNs had heard your machine was available, and they felt it would be a great product to test on my Dad.

You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I walked into the room on Thursday and he was sitting in a chair with the nasal cannula instead of the high flow mask AND HE TOLD ME HE WALKED SEVERAL LAPS WITHOUT HEART RATE GOING SKY HIGH OR SATS GETTING DANGEROUSLY LOW. He also indicated this occurred on far less liter flow than he was previously requiring!!!He felt great on it and commented it was more comfortable, didn't dry him out, he could feel the O2 penetrating deeper in his lungs and the room temp delivery helped to keep that heart rate where it is supposed to be with out the high flow delivery shock...

Thanks for being available! It was a game changing moment! Unbelievable product and we need one that can be transported more easily!!!

Submitted by The Maness Family

" Baby R was born requiring a little supplemental O2 and then developed a small pneomothorax. It is thought that he developed a pneumo partly due to thickened secretions from 3 days of dry gas. MoreHe was put on Vapotherm and he became more comfortable within a few hours and they were able to drop his FiO2 and suction more adequately. Although this was not a case of him needing "true" HFT, he clearly needed the humidification and that in itself made him able to be more comfortable and heal faster. Less

Submitted November 7, 2013

" The SOLO Single Prong Cannula is working wonders for this little man! He isn't able PO feed yet, so he has the ability to keep his NG tube and be fed while supporting his work of breathing. He's a happy camper!

Submitted October 23, 2013