Early Mobilization and Ambulation on Full Hi-VNITM Therapy

The Vapotherm Transfer Unit (VTU) allows clinicians to safely deliver Hi-VNI Therapy while mobilizing and transferring their patients within the hospital environment. The VTU can be used on patients of all ages from neonates to geriatric, and in many care areas.

Vapotherm Transfer Unit

  • Maintains flow rate, temperature, and humidification levels
  • Seamless transition from wall gas to cylinders
  • Easily hot swap patient circuit into a stationary precision flow unit
  • Alarms and alerts warn of therapy disruption

Hi-VNI on the Go

Real-life experiences with the Vapotherm Transfer Unit



Read about one daughter's experience watching her father on the VTU.

Thank you so much for bringing the Vapotherm Transfer Unit, and allowing respiratory and physical therapy time with the unit. You may very well remember my Dad. He required 50 percent and 100 percent forced O2 because of the last stage and severe progression of his Pulmonary Fibrosis. It was taking 65-75 liter flow per minute to get him to the bathroom and at that time the staff was avoiding walking. His resting heart rate was also drastically increasing upon any movement.

The RNs had heard your machine was available, and they felt it would be a great product to test on my Dad.

You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I walked into the room on Thursday and he was sitting in a chair with the nasal cannula instead of the high flow mask AND HE TOLD ME HE WALKED SEVERAL LAPS WITHOUT HEART RATE GOING SKY HIGH OR SATS GETTING DANGEROUSLY LOW. He also indicated this occurred on far less liter flow than he was previously requiring!!! He felt great on it and commented it was more comfortable, didn't dry him out, he could feel the O2 penetrating deeper in his lungs and the room temp delivery helped to keep that heart rate where it is supposed to be with out the high flow delivery shock...


VTU Runtime

Runtime will vary depending on the O 2/air blend and flow rate settings on the Precision Flow.

Flow Rate FiO 2 Approximate Time (mins)
4 50% 170
4 100% 140
25 50% 27
25 21% or 100% 22
40 50% 17
40 21% or 100% 14

Click here to view the VTU Quick Reference Guide with complete run time chart.

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